UbiquityVX's Skip Rizzo Helps Expand VR Therapy to Help Ukraine

Audra Gold
September 13, 2023
UbiquityVX's Skip Rizzo Helps Expand VR Therapy to Help Ukraine

The USC Institute for Creative Technologies, MedicalVR Lab in partnership with Fountain Digital Labs, 8agora, Greenleaf Medical, The University of Bucharest, and the International Institute of Postgraduate Education in Kiev, Ukraine are creating a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) PTSD treatment system for victims of trauma from the war in Ukraine.

Our co-founder Skip Rizzo has spent over 18 years developing virtual reality exposure therapy for PTSD. Now, he is leading this collaborative effort to leverage this research to help those traumatized by the war in Ukraine.

Rizzo is working with this group of partners in the US, Europe, and Ukraine to create a VR system tailored for the Ukrainian context. This Virtual Ukraine project will provide trauma-focused treatment for both soldiers and civilians suffering from PTSD.

The system is modeled after Rizzo's groundbreaking Bravemind VR therapy, which has treated veterans with combat trauma at over 50 clinics worldwide. As this [video about Virtual Ukraine] shows, new VR environments are being designed based on Ukrainian locations and wartime events.

By adapting Bravemind's proven software architecture, the team aims to rapidly develop an economical, clinically-validated VR therapy for deployment in Ukraine. Local VR developers are creating authentic environments to maximize the system's cultural relevance and healing potential.

At UbiquityVX, we are proud to support Skip's effort to bring innovative VR therapy to those in need in Ukraine. This project embodies our mission of transforming healthcare through technology centered on human needs.

Rizzo's pioneering VR treatment has already helped countless veterans confronting trauma. We are honored to expand this work to aid the people of Ukraine facing the horrors of war. But development costs remain an obstacle.

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